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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2012 10:05 pm
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Road Warrior Yajuta wrote:
stingmark wrote: Road Warrior Yajuta wrote:
stingmark wrote: katook wrote:
because it's not as easy to win when you have to play fair.

This. Spot on. Patriots dont cheat= havent win in 5 yrs.

Saints dont cheat= wont win either.
Okay this is where you lose any credibility.  What the Saints did may be dirty but it is not cheating.  It is Football and had there been no bounty hunter fund not the first damn person would say it is cheating.

You mentioned how if they dont play fair, they dont win. Thats the case w/the Saints too I guess. Cant have it both ways.

I was being facetious when I said that about the Saints, as if to say if you dont cheat, you dont win I guess? Saints/Lions/whoever doesnt cheat like the Cheatriots, you dont win.
Point is they broke rules about paying bounties.  They would have played the same without it.  No bounty fund=nothing to see here.  Without the payments it would have been football.  Every play results in people looking to knock star players on the other team out of the game.  Anyone wants to think otherwise is either deluded or never played organized football.  Not saying it is right, but that is the nature of it. 

Knowingly broke rules & continued doing so=(technically)cheating, so yeah, the league thinks they cheated, so.........many others do too.

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