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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2012 04:25 am
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I don't like the Skins WR moves. Garcon was a Manning product and totally overrated. I do like Josh Morgan, but Shanny will find a way for that to be an unsuccessful venture. I don't like RG3, but KK can label me an idiot and we'll see in 5 years.

Finnegan is an enigma. He can't cover anybody top-notch but he's a "tough guy" (read, douchebag who plays dirty). He lives off his (former and future) scumbag coaches rep and that's fine. I now look forward to rooting against the Fisher-led Rams because I despise that system. BenLen-I can bought as an honorary Niner Fan this year.:)

Love Chicago's move. I'm a big Marshall fan. He'll do great things there. He's such a better receiver than half the pussies in GB, like Jennings and the most overrated TE-Finley. Now Chicago needs an OL.

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