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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2012 04:26 am
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stingmark wrote: Quattro wrote: stingmark wrote:
Quattro wrote:
Garcon and Josh Morgan to the Redskins. Big contract to Pierre. Not sure about that one...

Well, if the Skins bring in Manning and Wayne, then that reunites Manning w/2 of his WR's from the Colts....seems like it makes sense then. Plus, Garcon is better than any of the shit they have currently.

Well that theory is shot to hell with Wayne staying in Indy.

There you go....didnt see that. BUT, if the Skins do sign manning, theyve now got a pretty good stable of WR's, and if they sign Royal, they have 3 pretty good WR's for him to throw to(and RG# of course)
With the salary cap space the league took from them there is no way they can afford Manning and Griffin.