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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2012 09:32 pm
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DaNkinator wrote:
Sure, and Sting's still in play to go to WWE.

He's not going to the Redskins.  He's said he's not.  They traded up for RGIII because they know that.

If your logic works in your mind for the whole Sting thing, why can't you wrap your head around this?

And Warriors still in good w/ Vince & will be in the WWEHOF soon.

In my mind(&Stings) he didnt sign w/ the WWE. Those were rumors(kinda like now w/Manning).

Lol, getting pissed @ me b/c they kept talking about Manning going to a bunch of different places on the radio & I just passed it on here, makes me legit lol.

Thanks for overreacting again, you should call the radio station who talked about it(& ESPN who talked about it) & bitch to them.

Lol, thats classic.

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