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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2012 12:47 am
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Chris OtL wrote:
CanadianHorseman wrote: nyhack56 wrote: Dallas signed Kyle Orton as Romo's backup.
:shock: I don't get this at all as I thought Stephen McGee was now ready to become the backup in Dallas. But I guess Jerry Jones felt that they needed a veteran guy to be the # 2 QB. CBS Sports had Orton rated at the 69th best Free Agent available and I think that's appropriate since I feel that this signing really sucks.

EDIT: Jesus H. Christ - I just read that Orton was signed to a 3 year deal !!!!!!!  One year was bad enough but now we got him for 3 years. :X
meh, Orton is serviceable as a back-up. I thought they did ok on that deal.

You want to talk bad deals? THIS is a bad deal:

The Jaguars and Laurent Robinson agreed to a five-year, $32.5 million contract Wednesday evening, giving the team a much-needed splash in free agency. The deal includes $14 million guaranteed.

The Cowboys picked up Robinson of the Chargers scrap heap last year because they needed a third receiver. He put up decent numbers because most defenses the Boys played were keying on Dez, Austin, and Witten. He certainly isn't worth #1 reciever money. Jacksonville gave him more guaranteed money than Philly gave Jackson. 

Orton is a very good backup QB. Anybody who saw last year how in-demand he was should see that.
Robinson could be a disaster because Gabbert is terrible. However, I just read that the Jags signed Henne. He'll win the job outright.

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