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 Posted: Wed Apr 4th, 2012 05:21 pm
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I'm pretty sure cross checking a guy way after the play is over is a no no already, so no I'm not calling for special rules for Crosby.

This is the same shit that pissed Mario off and is the reason he never wanted to do any PR for the league. Every other major sport realizes you need to keep your money making stars on the field. It's bullshit that the NFL calls roughing if someone lightly brushes Brady as they run by, but you know what? He's Tom Fucking Brady and makes them a bazillion dollars so I get it. The NHL lets their top guys (not just the ones who play for the Pens) get beat on and all it does most cases is shorten their careers. The whole dinosaur mentality that exists where you have to let the lesser skilled guys hang on/beat up the stars is by far the #1 thing holding the league back.

Don't believe me? Consider that they are considering bringing back the red line in an effort to prevent concussion causing hits (which wouldn't address that issue but whatevs), and anyone under 60 knows all that will do is bring back the mid 90s New Jersey style obstruction filled borefests that will have viewers snoozing in their seats. It sometimes feels like the NHL goes out of their way to come up with ways to keep their most exciting players bottled up.