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 Posted: Sun Apr 8th, 2012 06:49 pm
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Say what you will about Crosby, but what confuses me is A: when has Malkin ever whined, and B: if he did no one can understand what the hell he says so why would it bother anyone?

Also I think Torts was just piling on with the Orpik hit since bashing the Pens suddenly became the hot thing to do. Brooks lead the team with like 250+ hits, and this was the first one I recall that was questionable so it's not like it was a Matt Cooke cheapshot deal.

Personally, it's been kind of funny to see the team I root for suddenly become the "heels" of the NHL. I think they should go with it actually. Whenever a team gets a power play on them, Bylsma should throw in his shoe like J.J. Dillon to help them cheat to win.