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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 02:27 am
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sek69 wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: sek69 wrote: Please don't tell me you think that wasn't a cheap shot just because it was Crosby getting hit.

There are about 20 of those type of " cheap shots" a game in the NHL.

....and that's why the NHL struggles to get any kind of viewership outside of Canada and a few US cites within a few hours drive of the border.

The reaction to all this has been hilarious, first some scrub cross checks the face of the league on the way to the bench (from behind, way after the play is over). Then the team that is supposed to be all about being rough completely and totally loses their shit when one of the Pens' fourth liners levels a guy cleanly center ice.

That doesn't even cover Mike Milbury going on radio and making fun of Crosby's concussions and calling Bylsma a pussy I guess for not walking across to the Flyers' bench to single-handedly fight the entire team? I'm sure Dan would beat Milbury's ass but Mike would want no part of him considering he doesn't play on a pee wee team.

That " Scrub" You talked about had 1 Goal & 2 Assists in His First playoff game.