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 Posted: Fri Apr 13th, 2012 04:08 am
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: CanadianHorseman wrote:
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clawmaster wrote:
Nashville 3 Detroit 2. Shea Weber might get suspended for a few games for his cheap shot on Zetterberg as the game ended.

If Shanahan doesn't suspend him I'm flying to Nashville and putting him out for the next 3 games. Stingmark, you in?


It's the Playoffs for Pete's sake - Weber might get a $ 2,500 fine ( the max allowed by the NHLPA ) but he will not miss a shift. You Red Wings fans need to toughen up - Gordie Howe would be ashamed of your whining. :tongue:

When Steve fucking Yzerman posts on his fb page that hes lost all respect for Weber, its more than "whining" imo. Besides that, what was that hit for? Was he that afraid of Zetty? Sometimes I wish Joey & Bob were still on the team.

And Bob, you know damn well youd be here whining and more if it happened to one of your Bruins.

OK - a couple of things:

- Steve fucking Yzerman should be worrying about his own team instead of what's going on between Detroit and Nashville. You know - the team that finished 21st overall in a 30 team league. Besides - if Yzerman didn't say anything about the hit or said that it was OK would you still be bitching and moaning about it ????
- that hit was for the rest of the series just like every check that Kronwall and every other Detroit player made tonight.
- if it happened to a Bruin player ( and can you please try to name another team in the NHL that has been hurt more than the Boston Bruins by head shots over the last few years ) I'd be upset about it but there's no use whining about it. F*ck it - go to Nashville and take it out on Weber just don't ask me to bail your Red Wing lovin' ass out of jail.

If you are just fucking with Stingmark fine, but you can't compare grabbing a player by the helmet and ramming his head into the glass when the game is over to a legal hit by Nick Kronwall.

Seriously, the league has suspended players for targeting the head on checks, but grabbing a guy by the helmet with two hands and banging his head into the glass is OK.

You are going to have to work a hell of a lot harder to convince me that was OK.

At least on a check you could convince me you were trying to make a clean hit and the guy moved or ducked his head, or you misjudged the impact point, but the only intent of Shea Webber was to injure Zetterberg. There was no attempt to make a hockey play, especially since the game was over.

I'm not trying to be a homer, but how is this different than McSorley on Brashear? The player used a foreign object to smash another player's skull. It is far worse than Bertuzzi on Martin. $2500? Shit that's the table stake at my local poker game. Wow! Just Wow!

OK - I'm gonna be 100 % honest with you here. Based on what I saw yesterday I really did think you were being a homer and whining about nothing really significant. But I saw a couple of better angles of the incident today and it was pretty bad. I'm still not sure it was suspension worthy but being penalized $ 2,500 ( which the team will likely pay or at least pay him back ) is laughable.