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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 02:01 am
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With the 9th Overall pick, the Panthers take...

Luke Kuechly, ILB
School: Boston College

Read & React: Intelligent player who knows his keys and "feels" his way to the ball. Aggressiveness allows him to be fooled by those keys, like pulling guards, on misdirection and takes a false step forward on play action, but also recovers well and regularly sniffs out reverses and other trick plays to prevent big gains.

Run defense: Constantly around the ball, fights traffic easily and steps into gaps instead of waiting for the ballcarriers. Tracks the ball to either sideline but needs perfect angles to beat NFL tailbacks to perimeter. Anchors and can stick bigger backs with lowered pads. Doesn't have elite size to stand up to NFL-caliber linemen, but regularly rips off blocks with strong hands and can makeplays even if initially knocked backward.

Pass defense: Not an elite athlete. Covers some ground in pass coverage and gets good depth in his drop, taking correct angles to stay with tight ends and bigger slot receivers down the middle. Takes time to reach running backs going into the flat. Reliable tackler in the middle zone to prevent yards after the catch on crossing routes.

Secure tackler by not a feared one -- plays strong and finds a way to bring down ballcarriers. Drops his hips, keeps his head up to drag down ballcarriers. Makes running backs pay for going out of bounds with a strong shoulder. Occasionally tries to tackle high, allowing the ballcarrier to elude. Relies on hustle and angles, not straight-line speed, to make plays outside the box. Pass Rush/Blitz: Didn't blitz often and lacks great closing speed to reach the quarterback from the stack. Sure open-field tackler who doesn't miss many once he's in the backfield with excellent tackling technique.

Exceptional on-field hustle and instincts and off-field work ethic. Gained good weight and muscle since arriving at BC. Should garner top general and football character and intelligence grades. Serves as back-up long snapper.

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