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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 03:07 am
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The World Champion NY Giants make the 32nd and final selection of the First Round of the 2012 Draft.....

David Wilson, RB
: Virginia Tech

While his focus now is on the NFL Draft, Virginia Tech running back David Wilson has put on so many shows on and off the field that he could qualify as contestant on the television show "America's Got Talent." "I just like to have fun and I guess I'm not very bashful," Wilson explained to when asked about the many stories of his curious antics that started all the way back in grade school. "It's just my personality." NFL scouts got a peek at a little part of his personality when Wilson showed up for interviews at the Scouting Combine wearing a suit and tie, thereby setting an unofficial Combine record, or at least a first, according to some team officials. But they were more concerned if he understood football, so he was asked to draw or recognize defenses that he might face in the NFL and show he know when to do what so as not to get a quarterback hurt on a pass rush. Otherwise, there's little doubt he knows what to do when he gets the ball handed, thrown or kicked to him. With the help of track star speed -- he was timed in 4.29 seconds for 40 yards in a 2009 spring workout and looks every bit that fast in a game -- Wilson collected 4,349 all-purpose yards and scored 25 touchdowns in only three seasons at Virginia Tech. He is expected to be the second or third running back taken in the draft. While his football feats are well documented by statistics, tapes and the media, his spontaneous, off-field entertainment is more in the category of folk lore, although he verified the veracity of most of those oft-told tales. Wearing a suit was nothing new, he says. He started dressing up as a high school senior and in college wore suits, and sometimes a fedora, to class. He has done backflips since he was five years old, and rips off a few when the mood strikes him, as it did with 10 consecutive backflips before a game last year when the Hokies were going for their 10th consecutive win. Wilson likes standup comedy and often breaks into his version of a famous comedian's routine, sometimes during a lull in a team meeting. One night last summer while walking past the school's basketball arena, Cassell Coliseum, with a teammate, Wilson decided to climb the concrete arches that are nearly 100 feet high and span the building. His sprinters speed gave him a good start, then his strong legs moved him farther. But at 10 p.m. the structure was moist and slippery. So to get back down he had to crab-walk, and avoid being seen by a passing police car so as not to cause a stir. For the irrepressible Wilson, who is deeply religious, it is all in good fun and a way to burn energy. His high school track coach, Veronica Harris, had a plan for that. To harness his energy one day she entered him in the shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, 100 meters, 200 meters and 400-meter relay. He was too tired for extraneous goofing off, but he did win most of the events. Perhaps there is a lesson there for some NFL team.

Inside: Tough guy to bring down and almost always gets positive yardage when he lowers his pads and gets north/south. Still very raw as an inside runner, running too indecisive and struggling to find running room at the LOS ... wavers and hesitates too much when the clear opening isn't there and ends up going east/west for a loss. Lacks natural instincts with questionable vision and awareness to feel blocks and press the hole. Will slow down prior to contact and leave yardage on the field.

Outside: A smooth, explosive athlete who accelerates quickly downfield with a rare extra gear that he can reach in a hurry ... can really turn on the jets. Shows the flexibility and balance to bend and stay on his feet while avoiding tackles. He has a strong plant foot with some shiftiness to catch defenders off balance and routinely gets to the second level ... squirmy and tough. Breaking tackles: Has a strong, compact build with good muscle mass on his body ... generates power from his frame. He is physical with the strength to run through contact, keeping his legs churning and carrying defenders. Won't go down easy and picks up a lot of yardage after initial contact.

Blocking: Limited experience as a pass protector and needs extensive work on his technique. Receiving: Has only average ballskills out of the backfield and wasn't used a lot as a receiver in college. At his best on bubble screens to get him on the outside with a head of steam.

Intangibles: Runs at full speed on every play with full effort and determination ... high energy player and doesn't cheat himself. Has suspect ball security with several fumbles over his career, holding the ball too loose. Has some coachability issues, openly questioning the play-calling at times ... butted heads with the coaching staff more than a few times for not enough carries. Has only one season as the full-time starter. Participated in both football and track for his first two seasons at Virginia Tech and finished second in the ACC in the triple jump in 2010, qualifying for Nationals. Offers value on special teams as kick returner, tallying 59 returns for 1,285 (21.8) and 2 TDs over his career. Extremely productive as the full-time starter in 2011, setting several school records including single season rush yds (1,709) and consecutive games with 100+ rush yds (7) ... 10 total 100+ rushing yd performances in 2011 (ties ACC record).

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