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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 11:10 pm
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2nd Round pick

St. Louis Rams take

Brian Quick/WR/Appalachian st.

Release: Was rarely challenged with press coverage due to his great size. Has long arms and a developing swat-away move to slip free, though he can get tied up and lose timing with the quarterback. Quickly generates top-end speed and can surprise the defender playing in off-man coverage with his ability to eat up the cushion.

Hands: Possesses long arms and big, strong hands. Inconsistent with his body positioning and isn't as effective in blocking out smaller defensive backs from the ball as his size would indicate. Can snatch hot passes outside of his frame and has good flexibility to adjust to poorly thrown passes. Concentration lapses cost him drops, which was again noteworthy at Senior Bowl practices.

Route running: Needssignificant work in this area, though he has intriguing tools to work with. Is a smooth accelerator whose long strides eat up the cushion quickly and get him to top-end speed efficiently. Good balance and flexibility to sink his hips and generate good burst laterally out of his breaks to separate, especially for a receiver of his size. Inconsistent route runner. Struggled a bit at the Senior Bowl when his size and athleticism weren't enough to beat defenders.

After the catch: This is the area where Quick shows some unique traits. Has good top-end speed for a receiver of his size, frequently surprising defenders with his ability to accelerate and forcing them to adjust their pursuit angles. Good strength, effort, and balance to fight through tackles and break free for big plays.

Blocking: Competitive player who uses his size and strength to effectively block his opponent despite the fact that he shows only average overall technique. Has to do a better job of keeping his feet moving to sustain the block rather than simply provide a physical shove.

Intangibles: Was a star basketball player in high school and only played one season of football at the prep level. Claimed at the Senior Bowl that he rarely received positional coaching at Appalachian State and that his experience with the Minnesota Vikings staff was first time he'd had a receivers coach.

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