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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 11:29 pm
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Round 2

Cleveland selects

Mitchell Schwartz/OT/California

Schwartz is a versatile player who does many things well but doesn't stand out in any one area, and that's likely the rep that will stay with him through the draft. Schwartz is a guy who makes it off effort and smarts. He has decent size for a tackle, and doesn't display strong skills that would encourage a move inside to guard. His size and productivity at Cal will earn him consideration in the fifth or sixth round.

Strengths He can get overpowered in the run game, but Schwartz plays with good technique. He is effective in his pass set and can sit back and let bigger players run into them yet still be effective by walling them off. He is a heady player who takes good angles to blocks and rarely falls off them. Weaknesses Schwartz's average athletic ability is the greatest knock on him. He is a bit stiff in his movements and out of his stance, and can struggle when working to the second level. He may need to move inside because of the liability he could be outside at tackle.

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