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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 11:30 pm
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Round 2

The Jacksonville Jaguars select

Andre Branch/DE/Clemson

Branch is a tall, physical and athletic end who could move to outside linebacker for a team that runs the 3-4 defense. He should be able to regularly beat NFL linemen on the rush and disrupt the passer, whether he's standing up or has his hand on the ground. Because of his versatility and pass-rushing ability, he should come off the board late in the second round.

Strengths The big, athletic Branch uses his flexibility to dip around linemen and reach the backfield. He has an uncanny knack for beating blocks and moving past linemen, and has the burst to close once he's there. He uses his hands well and sets the edge nicely against the run, but his skill at rushing the passer represents his primary value to NFL teams.

Weaknesses Branch is less effective against the run than the pass. He will play high at times, and can be overpowered by two blockers, deficiencies that will likely encourage pro teams to make him a linebacker.

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