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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 11:38 pm
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2nd Round

The Carolina Panthers select...

Amini Silatolu/OT/Midwestern St.

Silatolu is a large, athletic interior lineman who has the ability to smother his opponents and consistently sustain his blocks through the end of plays. Coming from a small school like Midwestern State and facing little competition, he will have an adjustment period far greater than other linemen as he enters the league. A team likely will want to move him from his college position of tackle to guard, where he can use his athletic ability to get up field more often in the run game. Silatolu's greatest attribute is his footwork, as he is quick off the line of scrimmage and an active puller who can get outside, move upfield and locate his blocks to quickly engage. He does not have great leverage or explosiveness in his play but possesses many strong assets for an interior lineman, giving him early second-round value to a team with the patience to develop him into a starter.

Strengths Silatolu is a quick athlete for a man of his stature and gets off the line with a noticeable quickness. He is urgent in his play, and once engaged with a defender can keep him covered up for an extended period of time. He is a leg-driver who doesn't get a lot of movement but keeps his man occupied. He is extremely mobile and an active puller who can get outside, move upfield and locate his blocks. He can slide well in pass protection and will likely be a guard who can sit and stop rushers in their tracks in the pass game at the next level. He is a shield blocker who rarely lets a man behind him.

Weaknesses Silatolu is not an explosive blocker, and his limited time working at guard will likely slow his development as he transitions to the next level. Midwestern State does not face the level of competition or athletic type of player that he will line up against in training camp, and teams should expect he may need to develop somewhat before he can be inserted as a starter. He can be overaggressive at times and whiff on blocks; he needs to play disciplined at the next level.

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