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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2012 11:43 pm
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2nd Round

The Buffalo Bills select.....

Cordy Glenn/OT/Georgia

Glenn played tackle at Georgia and was a stalwart whether lined up there or at guard. The fact that many teams will want to use him at guard and could have him on the roster for variable depth early is a big reason why he could go as early as the third round in this year's draft.

Strengths Glenn is an athletic big man who is fluid when pulling and gets upfield with ease. He is an effective mirror blocker who shows good technique by sitting into his base and controlling defenders. He is aware of stunts and blitzes and usually picks them up with ease. He is a big body who has been a durable starter for Georgia.

Weaknesses Glenn is somewhat of a tweener and would struggle against NFL pass rushers at tackle. He could stand to lose some weight, as he looked like he was laboring to move at times in his senior year.

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