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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2012 12:08 am
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Round 2

Seattle Seahawks select....

Bobby Wagner/LB/Utah St.

Wagner is an impressive prospect who is a prototypical NFL middle linebacker in terms of size, tackling ability and instincts. He called all the plays for Utah State's defense. He's had more than 100 tackles each of the past two years. He is a stellar pre-snap defender and properly lines up his teammates. He recognizes the play and diagnoses where to run once the ball is snapped. He is a bit short for the position at just over 6-foot-0, but he is thick and brings power when he meets a running back in the hole. He projects to be a starter at the next level and be selected late in the second round of the draft.

Strengths Wagner can sniff out a play and read the offensive line, which allows him to hit the gap and meet a running back in the hole. He can hit, push back and disengage from linemen. He can deliver a blow to linemen and then get off the block and find the ball. He is stronger than he appears and can toss bigger linemen aside to get to disrupt a play. He has speed to run down the play outside but can be outrun at times by fast running backs. He has a motor that doesn't stop.

Weaknesses Wagner is undersized to play middle linebacker in the NFL. This hasn’t affected him much thus far in his career, as he plays much stronger than he looks, but at the next level he could get overpowered by larger linemen. He hasn't had much production rushing the passer from his spot but posts a good amount of tackles for loss and is in the backfield often.

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