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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2012 01:16 am
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2nd Round

Titans select...

Zach Brown/OLB/North Carolina

Brown might be one of the fastest straight-line linebackers to ever enter the NFL draft, making him one the most intriguing prospects of this class. He has shown sprinter-like speed on the field and should rack up tackles in the NFL. Brown projects best as an outside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme, though he would likely succeed at any linebacker position. There are many questions about Brown’s game, including whether he can adapt to the NFL after being able to make plays with minimal effort in college. Ultimately, though, he has yet to scratch the surface of his true potential; with his size and speed, he won’t be drafted any later than in the first round.

Strengths Brown finds the ball, reacts and finishes through his tackles. His speed is, without a doubt, his strongest asset and the key to his game. A natural mover, Brown excels at shedding blocks and getting to the ball. He has the footwork and hip mobility to run with any tight end in coverage. There are few running backs, even in the NFL, who can outrun Brown, and few will get open against him in the pass game. He does well in space and can work in the box, with his ability to sniff out runs as a gap defender and make explosive plays at the point of attack. He uses his pure athletic ability and speed to dip and run past linemen and get into the backfield. Brown has the power to run through running backs, whether they're blocking or carrying the ball. He is a productive tackler and rarely falls off once he reaches the ball; he will likely continue this level of production at the NFL.

Weaknesses Despite his talent, there are questions surrounding other aspects of Brown's game and life. He has shown a tendency to disappear for long stretches. He will also need to be reeled in, to ensure he sticks to the playbook and plays to his potential. Brown could stand to put on some weight, but he is otherwise physically ready for the NFL; many of his flaws have to do with his work habits.

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