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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2012 01:22 am
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2nd Round

Falcons select...........

Peter Kontz/C/Wisconsin

Konz is the premier center in this year's draft, and his selection will likely be solely based off team needs toward the end of the first round. He has a massive frame for the center position but has impressive knee bend, which allows him to play the position effectively. He made all the calls at the line and was the centerpiece of a dominant Wisconsin line loaded with NFL size and talent.

Strengths Konz looks natural sitting in his stance and swiveling his head to make all the line calls, which is impressive given his uncommon height. He is a smooth athlete who has demonstrated the ability to uncoil his hips into defenders and blow them back to create quick holes in the run game. Konz is a smart player who picks up stunts well and uses his strength and anchor to sit and stall any oncoming bull rushers. He works fluidly with his guards when pulling and sealing. He has all the tools to be an elite center for years to come.

Weaknesses Even though Konz has good flexibility, defenders will be able to out-leverage him at the point given his size. He can get stunned by quick bull rushes at the point and has a difficult time resetting his feet afterward. While he is an effective short-area mover he looks limited and rigid when moving in space.

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