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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2012 09:01 pm
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DaNkinator wrote: Papa Voo wrote: Nobody has commented on this thread about the Redskins selecting QB Kirk Cousins.  It seems like the story is red hot in Washington, DC.  What would you think if you were EG3 and the Redskins use a luxury pick on a QB like Cousins while they have pressing needs throughout the team.  I just watched the press conference of RG3 addressing the Washington DC reporters for the first time and one of the first questions dealt with the drafting of Cousins. I think it is a ridiculous pick.

I don't think so.

He was drafted 102nd overall, in the 4th round. That's not a high pick. That's a backup pick. And that's exactly why they drafted him. He's not going to be challenging RGIII for a job. There's a reason he fell out of the top 100, and this is why. Grossman, more than likely won't be around after this year, so it only makes sense to have a decent backup when he's gone. They used this pick wisely.

And it's not like that pick would have been used wisely elsewhere. Anyone else drafted there would likely be a reserve as well, so why not do it for the most valued position on the team?

Seems a lot of people are calling this a dumb pick or a luxury pick.  Rosenthal said it best when he said that the Redskins believe Cousins can be a good BACKUP QB.  Those aren't a luxury in the NFL, they're a requirement.

The Redskins remember 1994, when Gus Frerotte ended up being a better QB than Heath Shuler.