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 Posted: Sat Jun 16th, 2012 11:40 pm
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Today during the Bucco game they were commenting on the different antics of different pitchers.

There was Al Hrabosky, the Mad Hungarian, and his routine of pounding the glove.

Tug McGraw slapping the glove against his leg.

Mark Fidrych just being looney tunes out at the mound, talking to the ball and building mounds in the sand.

Gaylord Perry and his touchy-feeley thing with his body parts.

During the game, they showed a video clip of Brad "The Animal" Lesley.  He was a complete jackass.  He would get a strikeout and pump out his chest to the opposing dugout.  They talked about when Nolan Ryan did it back to the Reds.

Can you name any other ones?

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