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10/8/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
No dq Match
Bobo Brazil beat Mitsu Arakawa in 12:00
Stretcher Death Match
The Stomper beat Don Fargo in 14:00
Sonny King beat Bounty Hunter in 21:00
Babyface Nelson beat Chico Garcia in 6:00
Sonny Boy Hayes & Jamaica Kid beat Sky Low Low & Little Brutus 2/3

10/12/70 Lima, OH @ Sports Haven
US Champion The Sheik vs The Stomper
Mighty Igor vs Don Fargo
Haystack Calhoun vs Mike Loren
Ivan Kalmikoff vs Bounty Hunter

10/22/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
Bobo Brazil & The Stomper beat The Sheik & Bull Curry in 11:00
Mighty Igor beat Don Fargo dq in 10:00
Haystack Calhoun beat Hans Schmidt in 7:00
Lou Klein drew Babyface Nelson 20:00
Bounty Hunter beat Ivan Kalmikoff in 13:30

10/26/70 Lima, OH @ Sports Haven
Lord Layton & Bobo Brazil vs The Sheik & Mike Loren
Don Fargo vs Sonny King
Lou Klein vs Baby Face Nelson
The Stomper vs Bounty Hunter

10/31/70 Dayton, OH @ Union Hall
Fred Curry no contest Don Fargo
Stomper beat Bounty Hunter COR
Bull Curry no contest Lou Klein
Haystacks Calhoun beat Ken Dillinger
Mickey Doyle drew Babyface Nelson

11/7/70 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
Sicillian Stretcher Match
The Sheik no decision Luis Martinez
Flying Fred Curry & Lord Layton beat Don Fargo & Mitsu Arakawa
The Student beat Joe Tomasso
Lou Klein beat Killer Joe Christy
Flash Gordon beat Bobby Blaine
Baby Face Nelson beat Ben Justice
Mary Jane Mull & Patty Drake beat Linda Klein & Lucille Dupre

11/12/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
Bobo Brazil beat Don Fargo dq in 7:00
The Stomper & Luis Martinez & Sonny King & Ben Justice beat Bull Curry & Hans Schmidt & Bounty Hunter & Boris Kosloff
Fred Curry beat Baby Face Nelson in 14:00
Lou Klein beat Hurricane James in 12:00

11/19/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
Cage Match
Bobo Brazil beat Don Fargo
Fred Curry & The Stomper beat Bounty Hunter & Mitsu Arakawa in 20:00
Bull Curry beat Sonny King in 16:00
Ben Justice beat Lou Klein (sub Angelo Poffo) in 17:00
Babyface Nelson beat Ron Sanders (sub Jim Morrison) in 12:00

11/20/70 Toledo, OH @ Erie Mason High School
Fred Curry vs Don Fargo
Mighty Igor vs Mike Loren
Baby Face Nelson vs Ivan Kalmikoff

11/25/70 Buffalo, NY @ War Memorial Auditorium
US Champion The Sheik vs Mighty Igor
North American Champion Bulldog Brower vs Chief White Owl
Johnny Powers vs The Destroyer
Bobo Brazil vs Hans Schmidt
Kurt Von Hess & The Executioner vs Luis Martinez & Dominic DeNucci
Moose Cholak vs Baby Face Nelson
Lil Abner vs The Mask
Woody Johnson vs Al Shiller

12/1/70 Syracuse, NY @ War Memorial Auditorium
Luis Martinez vs Hans Schmidt
Moose Cholak & Chief White Owl & Dominic Denucci vs Baby Face Nelson & Kurt Von Hess & The Executioner
Eric The Red vs Lil Abner Osborne
Frank Diamond vs Bruce Swayze

12/7/70 Lima, OH @ Sports Haven
Bobo Brazil vs Hans Schmidt
Mike Loren & Don Fargo vs The Somper & Tex McKenzie
Haystack Calhoun vs Baby Face Nelson
Fred Curry vs Mitsu Arakawa

12/10/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
Texas Death Match
Fred Curry beat Mitsu Arakawa
Bobo Brazil beat Don Fargo in 8:00
Haystack Calhoun & The Stomper beat Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Don Kent in 24:00
Mighty Igor beat Bounty Hunter in 12:00
Sonny King beat Dr X in 16:00
Baby Face Nelson vs Ivan Kalmikoff

12/17/70 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
The Sheik & Wild Bull Curry beat The Stomper & Bobo Brazil
Fred Curry beat Killer Tim Brooks
Ernie Ladd beat Ben Justice
Tex McKenzie beat Don Fargo
Al Costello & Don Kent & Hans Schmidt beat Lou Klein & Sonny King & Haystack Calhoun
Mike Loren drew Baby Face Nelson 20:00

12/19/70 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
The Sheik beat Lord Layton
Bobo Brazil & Tex McKenzie & Haystacks Calhoun beat Don Fargo & Mitsu
Arakawa & Bull Curry
The Stomper beat The Bounty Hunter
Fred Curry beat Jack Armstrong
Mickey Doyle beat Bill Coleman
Dewey Robertson & Murray Cummings beat Mike Loren & Chico Garcia
Sonny King beat Hank James
Lou Klein beat Boris Kosloff
Ben Justice beat Baby Face Nelson

1/5/71 Cincinnati, OH @ Gardens
The Sheik beat Mighty Igor
Bobo Brazil beat Don Fargo
Sonny King beat Sweet Daddy Siki dq
Fred Curry beat Babyface Nelson via pin
Bull Curry beat Haystacks Calhoun
Bounty Hunter beat Ron Sanders

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