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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2007 11:10 pm
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CanadianHorseman wrote: kargol wrote: Well, of course it works, it's basic maths.

Work out the equation, multiply it out, and you get:

(2x + 5) x 50, which is 100x  + 250, then you add 1757 (or 1756) and take off your age, which gives you:

100x + 2007 (or 2006) - y

where x is the number of times you eat out and y is the year of your birth.

Given x must be between 1 and 9, 100x will be between 100 and 900.

Given 2007 - y is how old you are, this answer will be, er, how old you are.


You are a LIAR !!!!!!!!!!   It is magic DAMMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

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