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 Posted: Tue Jul 3rd, 2012 05:58 pm
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HBF wrote: clawmaster wrote:
beejmi wrote: Stickied. Too early to blow the whistle on the Phils and Yankees though IMO.

I agree. As long as their respective divisions stay somewhat close standings wise, those two team have a chance.

Our SP is the worst I've seen in a while, back to (I think) 2005 or 2006 when we had guys like Shawn Chacon and (10-0) Aaron Small in the rotation. Those were the days of Randy Douchebag Johnson, Hey Wang, Kevin Brown, Jarrett Wright and Carl Pavano. We still made the playoffs because they got LUCKY. I don't like this team.

I'm reading Philly is worried about Halladay. I'm not following closely. What's the story there?

Nova, Hughes, and Kuroda have pitched their balls off the last month and a half.  Nova and Hughes dominated their last starts against Chicago.  They have 3 starters with 9 wins.  It's not that bad.