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 Posted: Wed Jul 4th, 2012 03:52 pm
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TXM wrote:
HBF wrote: As a rocker, it does the job. As a Kiss song, it's pale in comparison to the hooks they use to have in their songs. Tommy Thayer is a disgrace as "ACE" even though he can play guitar.

I gave up completely on KISS when they decided to put fake guys in Ace & Peter's makeup. Give them their own persona you two greedy fucks!

The song itself is apparently about nothing. He lost me in the first minute by singing about
1. Making sacrifice
2. Money is the key
3 Hell or.....
The song is apparently about nothing. At least you know what you're getting with "Rocket Ride", "Strutter", "Got to Choose", "Magic Touch", etc.....

What was "Nothin To Lose" about?

Something Foolio thinks is reserved for porn stars only, teh anal. Pretty blatant in the lyrics.

HBF has it right too, Tommy is a disgrace as "Ace". Ive heard about a half a dozen songs off the new disc, its nothing to brag about.

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