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 Posted: Thu Jul 5th, 2012 10:57 pm
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the squared circle wrote:
stingmark wrote: the squared circle wrote:
Thanks for posting it. I like it!

Seeing them in Sept with the Crue. But I hope they don't play anything from their new album :)

They will, their setlists.include about 4-6 new songs, the rest is a mix of stuff. I hear Tommy isnt very good doing any of Ace's songs.

SM, where did you see their setlist? I am curious because their last tour, for Sonic Boom, they only played around 3 songs from the new album. I also am hoping they play a full set, and not a condensed one due to time constraints touring with Motley.

I didnt Paul & Gene mentioned it in some interview I read on Blabbermouth, plus, they just did a UK gig last night & only new song on the setlist was HOH, the rest was all older stuff. Maybe they.changed their minds, or are saving stuff for their NA tour and/or bigger stops.

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