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 Posted: Wed Nov 21st, 2007 03:14 am
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Go over about 10:00 am to my across the street neighbor to drink beers and begin the turkey fry. He has a ritual of listening to "Alices Restaurant" (they play it on the ATL station down here every Turkey day but I've never heard of it as a tradition until I met him 8 years ago) so we'll listen to the shitty sounds of Arlo Guthrie while sucking back cold ones.  The sacrifices one makes.

Then, my wife will obstinantly make her own dried/baked/traditional turkey because she doesn't like the smart/fried/juicy one that I just brought home with no fuss.  Ah, fuck it, she's a good woman but I cannot understand tradition when it gets so clearly shoved aside for progress.  Anyone claiming that an oven roasted turkey surpasses a fried turkey needs their head examined.


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