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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2012 04:40 am
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clawmaster wrote:
brodiescomics wrote: Very audible "Bullshit" chant in Baltimore. This game has been a mess.

The replacements refs have to go.

You know Al and Chris wanted to agree with the crowd so bad but couldn't. Al did get in a comment that it was the loudest chant of that sort he's ever heard.

Also fuck guys like Tony Dungy who have this mindset of "the coaches should just deal with getting fucked by incompetent refs because it is what it is". Motherfuck that in it's ear. This whole ordeal has made it undisputedly clear how full of shit the league is, they blow smoke up everyone's ass about player safety then put in replacement refs that are clearly over their head and lose control of games/miss calls leading to dudes getting their blocks knocked off.

This isn't the NHL or some B level league where you can argue they can't afford paying these guys more. The only reason we still have the scabs embarrassing themselves on national TV at this point is because King Roger is just slapping his dick in everyone's face. He doesn't care about anything other than imposing his will, just like he did on the players the last two seasons. He pretty much told James Harrison to blow him, you think some middle aged refs are going to stand a chance?

I honestly only think this gets resolved quickly if the networks step in.