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 Posted: Mon Sep 24th, 2012 10:53 pm
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khawk wrote:
Benlen wrote: clawmaster wrote:

The Vikings trounced the 49ers. So much for San Fran being the best team in the NFL. Both teams now 2-1.

Dumb ass Alex Smith strikes again.Manningham and Moss are useless on the team with him at QB.

Moss missed two easy ones today. that said, Smith wasn't the real problem today. It was the ineffectual Pass rush. They made Ponder look like Brady/Manning/*insert good QB here*.

A Vikings source explained why the team's offense was able to keep the 49ers off balance

ยป "We studied them a lot this offseason, and we felt that some of their players felt it was all about getting sacks," the team source said. "Then they open the season with Green Bay and Detroit, who don't do anything but throw it, and they further buy into getting sacks. We decided we were going to run at them, and they didn't like it. After awhile, we feel like we broke them.

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