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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2012 01:08 am
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srossi wrote:
beejmi wrote: I *think* what will eventually be the fake refs undoing is the length of the games. Eventually CBS will turn to the NFL and tell them they would like to air "Sixty Minutes" at a reasonable hour.

I doubt it.  I'd need to see some ratings info to make a determination on that though.  I know 60 Minutes does very well for CBS, but I imagine that the longer NFL games are still bringing in more people over a longer period of time, so that can't be a bad thing for the networks.  Some people will turn off the blow-outs, but a game like Broncos-Texans, even though it wasn't very good and dragged, was close enough with the chance of a comeback that I doubt many turned it off. 

60 Minutes gets higher ratings when football leads into it, than it does when it airs at its regular time. After 35 years, their viewers should know it's going to be on late,


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