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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2012 04:13 pm
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Anyone who thinks the NFL will see this as any kind of "breaking point" is fooling themselves. The owners have, as Steve Young pointed out after the Falcons-Broncos MNF game last week, a product with an inelastic demand curve. (Watching Stu Scott try to follow Young discussing inelasticity in demand was worth the price of admission, which is listening to Jon Gruden talk.) As such, they have no real concern about 1) the integrity of the play on the field, or 2) player safety, or 3) anything else they might jack off to the media about. They have a product that's going to sell tickets regardless. They have $3 billion guaranteed from the TV rights. They could give a flying fuck about how bad the scab refs are. Their *only* interest is in breaking the officials' union, and their only interest in that is blind, ideological hatred of unions by a bunch of billionaires living off of publicly funded stadiums and various other forms of the corporate-welfare dole.

This also speaks to the terribleness of American football fans. MLB tried to use scab players in 1995, and baseball fans simply weren't going to attend the games. The owners had to call it off. The scab games in the '80s in the NFL drew well enough on TV and in the stadiums that the Players' Union had to give in.

Football fans have only themselves to blame for all of this.