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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2012 09:12 pm
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Trout: Ron Kittle/ Bj Surhoff/Kevin Seitzer/etc.

I'd go w/ Cabrera & if they win the Central, he'll almost certainly win iy imo, as he's been a major reason why. Plus, guys a consistant .300 hitter. Jurys still out in Trout, great year, but not triple crown year, sorry.

Are you apologizing for your blatant homerism ???? And why the hell did you throw BJ Surhoff into your argument ???? Do you realize that he averaged a little over 5.5 HRs and 61.25 RBIs his first 7 full seasons ????

I brought Surhoff/Seitzer & others into it because they were 1 yr wonders more or less. So far, Trout is that way. His stats arent there, my opinion, it differs from yours, thats how difference of opinions works.

A 30/30 guy who wasn't brought up until the last week of April, who's batting .320 and has a .950 OPS, and his stats aren't there?  Seriously?

What would satisfy you, a 100/100 guy?  200/200? 

This is why people rank on you.

You have such issues with my opinion, I dont think he wins it. He had a great year, he wont win it, get over it.

I dont give 5 fucks if oeople rank on me.......

The irony is, I agree with you...if Cabrera wins the Triple Crown, I say you have to give it to him regardless.  Even if he doesn't win it, I'd probably still give it to him.  He's had a fabulous year.  But to say Trout's stats aren't there is ridiculous.

Never said he had a shit year, I said I didnt think he would win it. He's had a great year, but not as great as Cabrera.......of course that's just my opinion & because it is(& it doesnt fall in line w/ what your opinions are), people seem to dislike that. Question was asked who we thought would win the TC. I gave my answer, it wasn't liked(what else is new). Cabrera playing for the Tigs has nothing to do with it, he has the numbers, up to whoever to decide.

Yes You did, You said that the jury was still out on Trout. Don't back track now when People call You out on Your retardedness. You really need to look back at what You wrote when You answer somebody on a comment on one of Your previous posts. I still stand by the fact that a Pitcher should not win the MVP, Verlander or anyone else. That's why Pitchers have the CY Young award.