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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2012 01:16 am
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srossi wrote:
khawk wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: You're only look at Offence though. Trout's a gold glover, Cabrera might be the worst 3b in MLB. So Offensively Cabrera has a slight advantage. On the basepaths, Trout has a massive advantage. Defensively Trout has a massive advantage. It's a close call.

Do any of the voters really look at defense, though?

Sure, some do.  Barry Larkin won the MVP in 1995 based almost solely on defense and stolen bases, and Trout is having a much better year with defense and speed just as good.  It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Larkin won but the Reds also finished in first.

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