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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2012 08:26 pm
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mike3775 wrote: Road Warrior Yajuta wrote:
If Cabrera wins the Triple Crown he will become only the 15th player to ever do so. Two guys Hornsby and Williams won it twice for 17 total seasons that a TC has happened.  38 players have joined the 30-30 club.  Many players are multiple time members. Hell Bobby Bonds did it five times.  60 times it has happened in history. 

I have been impressed with Trout.  I think the kid has the natural talent and work ethic to be special.  With that said, any of you that purport to be baseball fans, while saying his season was more impressive is astounding.  If you go by numbers alone, Cabrera's feat is more rare.  Spare me the whole rare does not mean better junk either.  BA, HR, and RBIs are not some obscure stat created by ESPN to make something seem so much more epic than it really is.  Remove the emotion from it and look strictly at the numbers.  Trout is more exciting to watch, but that alone should not give him the award.

On another note, baseball has been littered with one year wonders.  It is not Trout's talent or work ethic that could derail his career, but injuries can happen. Look at Dale Alexander as proof of a wunderkind that had his career ended early because of injury.  I know medical science has  progressed tremendously since his career, but there is precedent there.  I know not the same case but look at how badly Ken Griffey Jr.'s career tailed off once injuries started piling up.  Trout has had one of the greatest rookie years in history, of that, there is no doubt.  I don't see him being the next Joe Charboneau, but sometimes guys tease and tantalize and then fall off.(For clarity I know Trout's numbers are way better just tossing a name out there of a supposed baseball savant that was a flash in the pan)

But what would Trouts numbers be if he didn't miss the first part of the season because he was still in the minors? I think it was Verducci who said if Trout had been on the opening day roster, his numbers would be almost the same as Cabrera
Not being rude but what his numbers would have been are immaterial for the AL MVP award.  He can only be judged by what he did in the Majors.  The fact he is even in the discussion shows how epic his rookie season has been. The whole projected stats has always been garbage to me.  Guys get hot and cold so to me it takes them being on the field to judge what they would  or would not have done.  He did cool off a fair bit towards the end of the year and that did impact the Angels not securing a wildcard spot.  You do realize he only had 6 RBIs in September right?   83 RBIs so far this Season warrants the AL MVP award? I like the kid, I really do and all I am doing is looking at his numbers.  A case can be made for him being in the hunt but IMO he should not win it.