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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 03:21 am
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I've got results for Andre in Boston and in Bakersfield. I'm guessing the Boston date is correct but I'm wondering if anyone else has this Bakersfield card and can date it?

Bakersfield - Andre The Giant W-DQ John Tolos, Man Mountain Mike & Raul Mata W Black Gordman & Great Goliath, Victor Rivera W Big Bad John, Pak Song W Bengali.
Monday, November 19, 1973
Boston - El Olympico D Mike Pappas, Dean Higuchi W Frank Valois, Jose Gonzales & Manuel Soto W Joe Turco & Pancho Valdez, Larry Hennig W Tony Garea, Andre the Giant, Gorilla Monsoon & Jay Strongbow W Mr. Fuji, Blackjack Lanza & Mike McCord, Pedro Morales NC Stan Stasiak.