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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 04:58 pm
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stingmark wrote:
Principal_Raditch wrote: You're only look at Offence though. Trout's a gold glover, Cabrera might be the worst 3b in MLB. So Offensively Cabrera has a slight advantage. On the basepaths, Trout has a massive advantage. Defensively Trout has a massive advantage. It's a close call.

They dont give a player the TC because of defense, as it's an offensive based award,

Pretty sure he's debating the MVP, not the Triple Crown. The MVP is not an "offensive based award." If it was, how the hell did Verlander win it last year?

I believe Cabrera isĀ  a gold glover in the past.

You believe wrong. He's never won nor deserved a GG.

He switched positions so that Fielder could play first base, I would guess that if you were the manager, you'd probably do something similar.

Maybe they could have tried one of them at DH instead of rolling out Delmon Young, Andy Dirks, and Brennan Boesch at that position.