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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 05:00 pm
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Famous Mortimer wrote: stingmark wrote: But when people look at the numbers, for some reason they don't really look at RBIs. To me, that's the most important statistic of all."

In what possible sense are RBIs the most important stat for MVP voting?

I dont know...ask jim Leyland......(you failed to mention who said that-Jim Leyland).


I find it kind of weird that it's ok for Yaz to have almost the exact identical stats when he won his TC in '67, yet Cabrera's stats(and their importance for some of the categories) are now being questioned? Get mad @ the people who make the categories eligible/important for the TC in the first place. I notice how folks don't seem to have issues with it before, now "all of a sudden" such and such a category doesn't mean as much, or the same? very strange way of thinking about it.

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