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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 05:14 pm
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PeteF3 wrote: It's not that strange. When Yaz won the Triple Crown there was legitimate debate over whether interracial marriage should be allowed and people didn't really know what cigarettes did to you, or at least to what extent. This is called knowledge advancement and is only "strange" in a decidedly anti-intellectualist society.

It is that strange. You're probably right on them not judging a player, but lets not start calling Trout a HOF yet, without seeing what he can do for the next 5-10 yrs? he might never repeat those stats, he might, no one knows. he had a great year, up to the voters, we can speculate all we want. IMO, if Cabrera wins the TC, he wins MVP too.


Cabrera's stats are there, he should win the TC, if some stats aren't as important as others claim them to be, then do away with the TC, since stats from 1967 are more important apparently.

But, Trout's numbers are ok for him to win the TC and Cabrera's(who are better) aren't? gotcha.

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