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 Posted: Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 10:08 pm
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Ron wrote:
dbaker3179 wrote:

12/30/84 Greensboro, NC
Billy Graham beat Mike Davis
Plus other matches

I have always wondered about this date. Does anyone have any way of validating it? Was it a Matinee? Can any one verify it by newspaper clippings, programs or etc?

To me it is either a matinee, or it belongs on the 29th.

I have Graham verified on the 30th in Springfield, MA against Bob Backlund. This card had a starting time of 7 pm

This has been verified to me by clipcorner to be the 29th. So we need to alter this card to the correct date.

Is this going to be continued in a new topic for 1985 and other years?

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