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January 22 1983 - Sarasota Fla
The Midnight Rider vs Angelo Mosca in a $10,000 vs Mask match
Florida Champ Kevin Sullivan vs Mike Graham
Rufus R Jones vs JJ Dillon in a Street Fight
Barry Windham, Ron Bass, Terry Allen vs Leroy Brown, Jimmy Garvin, Jake Roberts
Charlie Cook vs Don Kent
Scott Mghee vs Johnny Hefferman

January 31 1983 - Sunrise Fla
The Midnight Rider beat Jake Roberts in a Texas Bullrope Match
Ron Bass beat Leroy Brown by Countout
The Kangeroos beat Mike Graham and Charlie Cook
Rufus R Jones beat Angelo Mosca by DQ
Charlie Cook beat JJ Dillon
Terry Allen and Scott Mghee fought Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Garvin to a draw

March 28 1983 - Ft.Pierce Fla
Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan in a Bunkhouse match
Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham vs Angelo Mosca and Frank Dusek
Leroy Brown vs Terry Allen
The Kangeroos vs Rufus R Jones and Charlie Cook
Scott Mghee vs The Professional in a $5,000 match

Credit goes to Kris Zellner

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