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October 8, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Mr. Wrestling beat Joe Lightfoot
Ronnie Garvin beat Les Thornton
Jake Roberts beat Tony Zane
Tommy Rich beat Buzz Sawyer
The Road Warriors beat Randy Barber & Mike Jackson

November 19, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Randy Rose & Jimmy Randolph beat Bob Brown & Johnny Rogers
Pez Whatley beat Paul Garrett
Les Thornton beat Pat Rose
The Road Warriors beat Tracey Stohrer & Joshua Stroud
Ron Garvin beat Joe Lightfoot
Brett Sawyer beat Johnny Rogers
The Mad Mongolians beat Tracey Stohrer & Mike Starbuck
Handicap Match: King Kong Bundy beat Bob Brown & Paul Garrett
Jake Roberts beat Pat Rose
Snake Brown & Cy Jernigan fought The Road Warriors to a no contest

December 3, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Chick Donovan beat Snake Brown
The Road Warriors beat Mike Jackson & Tracy Stohr
National TV Title: Jake Roberts fought Ronnie Garvin to a draw

December 10, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Brett & Buzz Sawyer beat Johnny King & Snake Brown
Jake Roberts beat Jason Walker
Ron Garvin beat Ronnie Boswell
The Road Warriors beat Mike Jackson & Mike Trickey
Chick Donovan beat Randy Barber
Johnny Rich beat Roger Bond
Pez Whatley beat Roger Bond
Johnny Rich beat Mike Starbuck
Ted DiBiase beat Snake Brown
The Road Warriors beat Jason Walker & Ronnie Boswell
Brett Sawyer beat Randy Barber

December 17, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Tommy Rogers beat Pat Rose
Ted DiBiase beat Roger Bond
Chick Donovan fought Johnny Rich to a no contest
Brett Sawyer beat Tommy Heggie
Buzz Sawyer beat Snake Brown
National TV Title: Jake Roberts beat Ronnie Garvin
The Road Warriors beat John Gregory & Mike Starbuck
Tommy Rich beat Roger Bond
Bugsy McGraw beat Snake Brown
Les Thornton beat Pat Rose

December 24, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Stan Hansen & Bugsy McGraw beat Pat Rose & Snake Brown
Jake Roberts beat Roger Bond
Tommy Rogers beat Chick Donovan

December 31, 1983 - Atlanta Ga - TV
Brett & Buzz Sawyer beat Chick Donovan & Mike Starbuck
Ted DiBiase beat Randy Barber
Tommy Rich beat Roger Bond
Jake Roberts beat Mike Jackson
Tommy Rogers beat Pat Rose
The Road Warriors beat Paul Garner & David Jones
Ted DiBiase beat Mike Starbuck
Tommy Rogers beat Les Thornton

Credit to Kris Zellner

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