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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2012 11:14 am
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Benlen wrote: mike3775 wrote:
Benlen wrote: mike3775 wrote:
clawmaster wrote: Infante pops us. Giants lead series 2-0.
I expected Detroit to have home field heading back to Detroit

Looks like they should have included live pitching drills during the layoff during the scrimmages

Giants pitching staff just too deep for the Tigers. Giants are the number two scoring team on the road in the majors this yr. Doesn't look good for the Tigers.
You really thought Baumgardner and Zito would go 7 innings and give up only a few hits?  I never expected that.
Bumgarner yes, Zito no. Zito you just have to pray for a miracle even tho he did have a good season.
All of the Giant starters have been streaky this year. Bumgarner at one point was the best pitcher on the staff and he's only 23.

I always said the Giants are the most dangerous team in the playoffs due to their pitching. Pitching has been their bread and butter the last 4 years and most of them are fairly young . The key to the giants is just getting to the post season.
I expected Zito to be shelled in game 1 and expected atleast 1 or two runs by Detroit against Baumgardner considering how he has done in the post season so far.  But I never expected both to go deep into the game and give up zero runs and only like 5 or 6 hits and as few walks as they have given up.

I said St. Louis was Detroits best chance at winning, and thought San Fran had the advantage with pitching, but Verlander getting shelled I did not expect and I never expected San Fran to get those lucky breaks that they got so far(double off the bag in game 1 and the bounce off the wall in game 2)