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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2012 04:47 am
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The 10/12/79 Chicago card should be 10/13/79.

Here's the whole card the next day for Detroit. Just the Bruiser-Sheik main event is listed now.

Disco vs Rock & Roll Match
Sheik DDQ COR Dick the Bruiser
Sheik represented Disco, Bruiser represented Rock & Roll

Captain Ed George beat Baron Karl Von Krupp
Bulldog Don Kent beat Tiger Conway Jr.
Rick & John Davidson beat The Mighty Igor & El Bracero
Billy Martinez beat Bobby Bold Eagle
Farkas the Wolfman and The Beast beat Bobby Colt & El Santo
Bob White over John Ruffen
John Binello beat Mike Wayne

from the Spinning Toe Hold Report
Sept-Oct Edition 1979
Paul Abbinante Editor

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