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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2012 06:12 pm
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How fucking stupid are some of these guys?

Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is being sued by the owner of several Miami strip clubs for racking up bills at the establishments and failing to pay them. reports that strip club owner Charles “Pop” Young filed a lawsuit against McKinnie in Miami-Dade Circuit Court Monday afternoon. Young says McKinnie ran up bills at strip clubs Young owned between February of 2009 and September of 2010, and that Young now wants McKinnie to pay up. According to Young, the total McKinnie owes is $375,000.
McKinnie has a history of financial problems. He took out a loan for $4.5 million to get him through last year’s lockout, and the Ravens are currently garnishing half of his net wages to pay back the company that made him the loan. The lockout didn’t cancel any games and therefore the lockout didn’t cost any players any game checks, so if McKinnie’s financial situation was so precarious that the mere possibility of losing a paycheck had him scrambling to find a loan during the lockout, he’s in bad shape.
McKinnie has made tens of millions of dollars during his NFL career, but the Ravens cut his salary before this season, and with his wages already being garnished, he may not have $375,000 to his name.

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