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 Posted: Tue Nov 6th, 2012 03:23 am
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1 Crusher vs Mad Dog
2 Verne vs Nick
3 Hennig & Race vs Bruiser & Crusher- Didn't see this feud but was told it was awesome.
4 High Flyers vs East West Connection
5 Verne Gagne vs Billy Robinson
6 Superstar Graham vs Wahoo

After that, there's a lot of personal preference involved. In my mind, the Bruiser & Crusher vs Mad Dog and Butcher feud was an extension of the Crusher vs Mad Dog feud. I consider them the same feud.

A few of my personal favorites not listed in the poll. 

Hogan vs Bockwinkel
Hogan vs Saito & Shults
SBG & Dusty Rhodes vs Baron Von Raschke & Horst Hoffman
Dino Bravo vs Super Destroyer Mark II
Bockwinkel & Stevens vs Rhodes & Murdoch

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