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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2012 11:08 am
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Chris OtL wrote:
HBF wrote: Regarding the Jays-Marlins trade, this reminds me of the 1976 trade of Vida Blue and others that Bowie Kuhn voided. What is really different about this versus the shit that Loria just pulled?

Loria should be forced out as an owner.
They were sent shitloads of prospects?

I love how Yankee and Sox fans now have morals, and care about the integrity of the game, when its not them buying up talent.

The Yankees? My team does not have morals, much as any of the teams do. What I am referring to is a precedent that was vetoed and was very similar.

Loria should be forced out, morally, but legally there's nothing they can likely do. Miami just paid for a new stadium that will never be filled at the rate he and his lackey management are running that place. I know what he's thinking-we'll wash, rinse and repeat what we did twice before, but the lack of support in the community could possibly squash those chances before it ever came to fruition.

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