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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Here's the other thing about Time Warner: it's impossible to get them to tell you how much your bill will be.  IMPOSSIBLE!  First of all, they don't count taxes.  They pretend they can't even see the taxes on their side even though they have to know the total amount people are charging to their cards every month.  I kept giving them my total and they kept acting confused and insisted that's not what they were charging me.  They act like it's absurd that you would give them that number.  But fine, once we got past the tax issue, I still couldn't get a straight answer.  They'll throw out 20 different numbers and break it down for cable, Internet, phone, etc., but not in a way that you can really add up and figure out a number.  Even the threatening to switch to satellite doesn't help there.  You can say very simply, "Tell me my total bill for ALL services that I will be paying each month or I'm leaving" and they are completely incapable or unwilling to give you a number.  I must've spent an hour of my life over the past couple of years just on that issue alone, and never knew my number until the bill came. 

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