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 Posted: Wed Nov 21st, 2012 10:11 am
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I'm pretty sure (from the hair) that this was Otto Von Krupp aka Boris Malenko.

To confuse things, the previews for the October 28 Odessa card refers to Kurt Von Krupp, but the results refer to Otto Von Krupp. The reviews in the Odessa paper were quite detailed during this time, so I can only assume that he was introduced to the ring as Otto, and calling him Kurt was a just a mistake in the previews (very common).

The Sunday preview uses the same picture I posted above, with the subtitle "Karl Von Krupp... The Bruiser". The article makes a note that Von Krupp is also known as The Bruiser.

Looking for pictures of Otto Von Krupp on-line, the distinctive hair style is clear.

I'm 99% sure then that The Bruiser here was Boris Malenko and not Dick Afflis.

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