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February 1 1984 - TV Tapings
Wahoo Mcdaniel, Dory Funk Jr , Rufus R Jones beat Bill White, Gary Royal, Hans Shroeder when Rufus pinned Royal
Angelo Mosca Jr beat Ivan Koloff for the MA Title
The Assassins beat  Mark Fleming and Brett Hart. 2 pinned Hart with knee off top rope
Mark Youngblood beat Barry Orton with a bodyblock in TV Title Tournament
Tim Horner beat Tony Russo with Thesz Press
Dick Slater beat Vinnie Valentino with elbow off the top rope

Don Kernodle, Gary Hart, Angelo Mosca Sr and Paul Jones also appeared on the show

February 8 1984 - TV Tapings
Wahoo Mcdaniel and Mark Youngblood beat Tony Russo and Bill White when Mark pinned Russo with chop to the head
Dick Slater beat Tim Horner with back suplex and feet on ropes
Jimmy Valiant and Dory Funk beat The Assassins by DQ when Paul Jones interfered
Rufus R Jones beat Jeff Swords with a headbutt
Greg Valentine beat Ernie Ladd by DQ in TV Title Tournament
The Moscas beat Gary Royal and Hans Shroeder when Jr beat Shroeder with bodyblock off the top

Bob Orton Jr, Don Kernodle, Mark Youngblood, Ivan Koloff also appeared on the show

February 15 1984 - TV Tapings
Mark Youngblood, Angelo Mosca jr, Tim Horner beat Tony Russo, Gary Royal, Bill White when Jr beat Russo with bodyblock off the top
Ivan Koloff  beat Dave Mccoy with knee in the back off the top rope
Dick Slater beat Dory Funk Jr by grabbing tights in TV Title Tournament
Ernie Ladd beat Bubba Smith with splash off the top rope
Tully Blanchard beat Vinnie Valentino with slingshot suplex

The Assassins, Gary Hart and Paul Jones also appeared

February 22 1984 - TV Tapings
The Assassins beat Keith Larsen and Brett Hart when 1 pinned Hart
Dick Slater beat Greg Valentine by countout in TV Title Tournament
NWA Tag Champs Bob Orton Jr and Don Kernodle beat Tim Horner and Vinnie Valentino when Don pinned Valentino
Kabuki beat Brickhouse Brown with thrust off the top
Tully Blanchard beat Sam Houston with slingshot suplex

Dory Funk Jr, Wahoo Mcdaniel, Junkyard Dog, Paul Jones, Gary Hart also appeared

February 29 1984 - Winston Salem NC - TV Tapings
NWA Champ Ric Flair vs Dick Slater
The Road Warriors vs Wahoo Mcdaniel and Greg Valentine
Jimmy Valiant vs Kabuki
Jay and Mark Youngblood beat Barry Orton and Gary Royal when Jay pinned Royal with a press
Angelo Mosca Jr beat Ivan Koloff by DQ when Kabuki and  Gary Hart interfered. Kabuki injured Mosca Sr's eye
Brickhouse Brown beat Ernie Ladd when Rufus R Jones distracted Ladd. Ladd attacked Rufus after match
Dick Slater beat Gene Ligon with russian legsweep
Stan Hansen beat Brett Hart with armbar submission
Tully Blanchard beat Keith Larsen with slingshot suplex

Junkyard Dog, The Assassins and Paul Jones also appeared on the show...

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