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March 7 1984 - Spartanburg SC - TV Tapings
Jimmy Valiant and Rufus R Jones beat The Assassins
Mark Youngblood beat Dick Slater to win TV Title
Ernie Ladd beat Wahoo Mcdaniel
The Assassins beat Tim Horner and Keith larsen when 2 pinned Larsen with powerslam
Dory Funk Jr and Angelo Mosca Sr beat Kurt Von Hess and Doug Vines when Jr beat Bass with block off the top rope
Stan Hansen beat Steve Brinson
Stan Hansen beat Don Herbert with Lariat
Tully Blanchard beat Mark Fleming with slingshot suplex

Paul Jones and Gary Hart also appeared on the show

March 21 1984 - TV Tapings
Kabuki beat Tim Horner with a fist off the top
Assassin 1 pinned Vinnie Valentino
Ivan Koloff and Don Kernodle beat Gene Ligon and Brickhouse Brown when Kernodle pinned Ligon with a clothesline
Jimmy Valiant and Junkyard Dog beat Gary Royal and Barry Orton when Dog beat Royal with Powerslam
Brian Adidas beat Ali Bey with Small Package
Tully Blanchard beat Brett Hart with a slingshot suplex

Dick Slater, Rufus R Jones, Gary Hart, Paul Jones and Assassin 2 also appeared

March 28 1984 - Spartanburg SC - TV Tapings
Jimmy Valiant and Brian Adidas beat Kurt Von Hess and Jeff Swords when Adidas beat Swords with backdrop
Tully Blanchard beat Mark Youngblood for the TV title when Paul Jones interfered
Junkyard Dog fought Dick Slater Double DQ
The Moscas beat Gary Royal and Bobby Bass when Mosca Jr beat Bass with Bodyblock off the tope rope

Wahoo Mcdaniel, Rufus R Jones, Ernie Ladd also appeared

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